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About The Book Club

I’m awaiting further confirmation, but as far as I’m aware the Semi-Literati book club (formerly of no name) came to my attention when I was invited to join and read “My Name Is Red” – which I did and sort of wish I didn’t.

The group was formed with the high-minded intention of promoting male literacy and to provide another excuse to nip off down the boozer for a beer with the blokes, under the gossamer-thin guise of chatting about books.

The group currently counts roughly 15 fellows among its number, although I don’t think I’ve ever seen them all in the same place at the same time.

The Semi-Literati blog is the love-thing of Matt Swan who currently puts in all the hours and keyboard goodness to keep the site ticking over.

Tech Stuff:

The site itself has been lovingly crafted by Matt Swan using WordPress and the wonderfully versatile Thesis Theme by Chris Pearson.

The Right Thing:

While the SemiLiterati Book Club would always strongly endorse the frequent patronage of your friendly local independent book store, when it is inconvenient for you to do so, we recommend for our Oceanic readers, because they’re Australasian, they’re nice, and to be honest they have a generous afiliate program.

For our international readers we strongly recommend the bastion of righteous goodness that is BetterWorld Books because they use their profits to fund excellent literacy programs all around the world, provide carbon offset for their delivery rates, and basically represent many of those littler things that are good and positive about the USA:

Keep Up:

If you feel so inclined ou can follow the arty exploits of Semi-Literati on Twitter or you can start making some noise on the Semi-Literati FaceBook page.

Lastly if you wish to contact us about anything, including joining the club, please feel free to use the Contact Us Page.

The Good Tools:

Semiliterati would not be the site it just about is without the help of the following goodness:

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